Founder & Director

Yuka Nakamura

“You only live once.”
Following her life philosophy, Yuka Nakamura, founded yucasii tokyo.

Born in 1983, Yuka worked as a Certified Public Accountant in Japan for ten years after graduating from Keio University. As an accountant, she worked with a number of companies and provided management advice. It was during those years when she started to believe strongly in the power of the right brain, the great power of creativity, which makes things possible that the left brain alone cannot do.
In the spring of 2014, Yuka formed a team with creative members and established yucasii tokyo to create one-piece dresses based on the philosophy of “yukashii,” an ancient Japanese word which signifies a sense of quality and elevation of feelings.
A sense of Japanese beauty finds its heart in the value that exists in the “non-existent.” Staying true to her Japanese roots, Yuka is passionate about pursuing simplicity in her designs and producing textile using Japanese craftsmanship.

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