Suvin Cotton Round neck Dress

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Model(cm): Height 161, B-W-H 78-58-87
          (in): Height 5'3", B-W-H 30-22-34

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This dress is made of yarn count 60/1 suvin cotton (the extra-long staple cotton) ,which is called top-of-the line cotton.
The mercerized high gauge smooth cotton accentuates suvin’s glossy and silky soft feel.
Available in five striking colors, reminiscent of a Japanese word “Nishiki” which means beauty and vividness.
Uroko (scale) triangle patterns are printed on a back neck facing by using a Japanese method of dyeing called “Katazome”. Uroko triangle pattern is a traditional Japanese print which symbolizes a rebirth or a fresh start because it reminds of a snake or butterfly shedding. In the Edo period, it was a charm against bad luck.
The foils are baked a few times and stuck to the fabric with a special binder to add modest gloss to the fabric.
Its minimal and roomy shape gives relaxing yet elegant impression.

・Size Free (cm): length 90  chest width 64  across shoulder 56
                   (in): length 35.4  chest width 25.1  across shoulder 22

・Color: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Navy

・Composition: 100% Cotton

・The item will be wrapped in Washi paper folded in Origata way

Made in Japan