Boat neck Opal finish Dress

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Model(cm): Height 161, B-W-H 78-58-87
          (in): Height 5'3", B-W-H 30-22-34

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This dress features 24 monme silk rayon blend satin fabric.
We made an original fabric with our brand’s iconic pattern, Uroko (scale) triangles for this dress. Those see-through patterns are created by applying opal - finishing to the fabric and burning out rayon fiber.
Uroko triangle is a traditional Japanese pattern which symbolizes a rebirth or a fresh start because it resembles to snake scales and reminds of its shedding. In the Edo period, it was a charm used against bad luck.
The dress has a voluminous trapezoidal shape, which accentuates the print. It changes the impression depending on how you dress it.

・Size Free (cm): length 87  chest width 104  across shoulder 104
                   (in): length 34.2  chest width 40.9  across shoulder 40.9

・Color: Pale Pink, Pale blue

・Composition: 70% Rayon, 30% Silk

・The item will be wrapped in Washi paper folded in Origata way

Made in Japan